About Us

Mission Statement

At AgileAI Labs, our mission is to revolutionize the software development process through the use of advanced AI technology. We strive to optimize the Agile process by enhancing requirements and generating effective test cases. Our goal is to help our clients achieve faster, more efficient development cycles and ultimately deliver high-quality software products.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Scott Aziz

CTO – Founder

Scott’s deep technology expertise and leadership is a driving force as ‘the’ benchmark of successful technology and business solutions impacting the bottom line. With decades of mastering technology solutions and Architecture for startups to companies such as Intuit, UST Global, and Fidelity Investments, his highly sought after expertise aligns to his strategic, innovative and execution success.

Peggy Knox


Peggy’s 25+ years of business and technical operations expertise coupled with customer experiences that drive retention demonstrate that she is a passionate and proven leader. In addition to senior leadership roles at Fidelity Investments and Wells Fargo Bank, she has also consulted with Fortune 50 companies. Peggy puts customer experience first combined with technical operations ‘wow’ delivery to scale product growth.

Randy Barron


Randy has a rich technical background as a System Analyst, Software Engineer, Trainer, Technology Evangelist, and Consultant who has lent his expertise to companies such as Apollo Computer, DEC, HP, IBM, Liberty Mutual Insurance, The Open Software Foundation and various government agencies. He has managed multiple P&Ls and eventually moved into Professional Service Management, Operations and Human Resources Management. Randy has helped grow several technical startup ventures. After providing HR and Sales consulting services for the past several years to multiple clients, joined AgileAI Labs as their CFO/CHRO.

Missy Trumpler


Missy is an accomplished speaker, radio show host, corporate trainer, and business efficiency consultant. Her expertise in business sustainability, energy engineering, marketing and education led to consultancy for clients such as Visa, Office Depot/Office Max, Jones Lang LaSalle, HUD, and others. Missy brings a unique perspective to brand, market launch, and growth success