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Meet Spec2TestAI™ and Spec2TestAI Abriz™ Enterprise Version
The Single Most Transformative Platform to Ever Address Software Development Life Cycle Problems


AI requirements analysis/generation & automatic test case generation platform

  • AI Requirements Analysis
  • Ambiguity Identification and Correction
  • AI Test Case Generation
  • BDD Files
  • Security Requirements Generation
  • Security Tests Automatically Generated
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14 Day Free Trial

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Business Benefits
  • Cost Savings

The application can analyze a large set of complex requirements in just 60 seconds, a task that would normally take an agile team an hour. This leads to substantial cost savings.

  • Improved Quality

By generating and analyzing requirements based on best practices, you’re ensuring higher product quality which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and reduced post-release maintenance costs.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Automatic generation of BDD assets, test cases, and an automated testing framework allows the team to focus on core product development instead of manual test creation.

User Benefits
  • Efficient Requirements Elicitation

The application’s deep AI analysis of requirements helps product owners and stakeholders refine requirements at the start of the sprint, saving time and preventing scope changes mid-sprint.

  • Streamlined Daily Scrums

With AI-generated insights and commentaries, daily stand-ups can be more data-driven and focused.

  • Informed Sprint Retrospectives

Traceability and coverage analysis provides teams with concrete data to analyze in retrospectives, fostering continuous improvement.

Technology Benefits
  • Multi-language Support

Teams have the flexibility to choose from Python, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby for their BDD assets and testing frameworks.

  • Innovation AI

The deep-trained AI understands well-formed requirements, providing teams with enhanced, context-rich requirements.

  • Robust Test Generation

Utilizing mathematical models and decision tables ensures comprehensive and effective test cases, reducing the chances of defects slipping through.

Other Benefits
  • Improvement

AI commentary not only points out the deficiencies but also educates the users on why certain requirements are of high quality, helping teams learn and improve over time.

  • Defect Prevention

By identifying ambiguities and enhancing requirements, the application helps in preventing defects at the source.

  • Consistency and Standardization

The application provides a standardized way of creating, analyzing, and testing requirements, ensuring consistent quality across all agile projects.