Spec2TestAI™ Product Suite

Spec2TestAI™ Product Suite

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About Spec2TestAI™

Utilizing a Generative AI foundation, Spec2TestAI™ is designed to enhance business requirements, generate robust test cases and development assets, and foster a culture of defect reduction through the early creation and review of business and technical artifacts; all critical elements of a healthy Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Spec2TestAI™ provides an innovative opportunity for all stakeholders to gain an early view into the probable end-result of the project requirements and correct ambiguities, misstated requirements and/or add missing requirements, prior to the first line of code being written.

AgileAI Labs now provides 4 versions of the Spec2TestAI™ Platform, increasing in analysis complexity and asset generation. Paradigm™, our original product, started it all by harnessing and directing Gen AI to enable a paradigm shift in the way agile teams approach software development to embed quality and prevent defects right at the beginning stages of the SDLC. From the test-centric, quick and easy Requirements ambiguity removal and test case generation of Spec2Lite™, to the profound analysis and test coverage of Spec2TestAI Abriz™, optimal use of Spec2TestAI™ entails executing, reviewing and clarifying requirements, based on the output of the platform.

Discover the undeniable productivity increase and improved quality outcomes by choosing the version best aligned with your agile team’s structure and equip your team with the tools they need to succeed achieving their goals in today’s “Indy-paced” software development industry. After all, developing quality software is everyone’s business!



Defect Prevention Platform

  • AI Requirements Analysis
  • Ambiguity Identification and Correction
  • AI Test Case Generation
  • BDD Files
  • Security Requirements Generation
  • Security Tests Automatically Generated
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7 Day Free Trial

$40 Monthly after
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Defect Prevention Platform

  • Ambiguity Identification and Correction
  • AI Test Case Generation
  • Add

  • Security Requirements Generation
  • Security Tests Automatically Generated

$20 Per Month

Setup and usage fees apply

ROI Per User Story

Business Benefits
  • Cost Savings

The application can analyze a large set of complex requirements in just 60 seconds, a task that would normally take an agile team an hour. This leads to substantial cost savings.

  • Improved Quality

By generating and analyzing requirements based on best practices, you’re ensuring higher product quality which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and reduced post-release maintenance costs.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Automatic generation of BDD assets, test cases, and an automated testing framework allows the team to focus on core product development instead of manual test creation.

User Benefits
  • Efficient Requirements Elicitation

The application’s deep AI analysis of requirements helps product owners and stakeholders refine requirements at the start of the sprint, saving time and preventing scope changes mid-sprint.

  • Streamlined Daily Scrums

With AI-generated insights and commentaries, daily stand-ups can be more data-driven and focused.

  • Informed Sprint Retrospectives

Traceability and coverage analysis provides teams with concrete data to analyze in retrospectives, fostering continuous improvement.

Technology Benefits
  • Multi-language Support

Teams have the flexibility to choose from Python, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby for their BDD assets and testing frameworks.

  • Innovation AI

The deep-trained AI understands well-formed requirements, providing teams with enhanced, context-rich requirements.

  • Robust Test Generation

Utilizing mathematical models and decision tables ensures comprehensive and effective test cases, reducing the chances of defects slipping through.

Other Benefits
  • Improvement

AI commentary not only points out the deficiencies but also educates the users on why certain requirements are of high quality, helping teams learn and improve over time.

  • Defect Prevention

By identifying ambiguities and enhancing requirements, the application helps in preventing defects at the source.

  • Consistency and Standardization

The application provides a standardized way of creating, analyzing, and testing requirements, ensuring consistent quality across all agile projects.