AgileAI Labs, Inc. Explodes onto the Enterprise Software Development Scene with the Launch of Spec2TestAI™ – Where Agile Meets Intelligence

DELAWARE – October 25, 2023 – Spec2TestAI™ significantly reduces defects and associated costs before the project starts!

AgileAI Labs, Inc., a leading Generative AI software development solutions company, announced the release of its premiere Defect Prevention Platform, Spec2TestAI™ on October 16, 2023.  The launch of Spec2TestAI™ brings the first GenAI SaaS tool to market boasting up to a 40% cost reduction in Software Development Project costs. 

“When project stakeholders don’t have the tools they need to identify and prevent failures before the software lifecycle begins, all invested parties are adversely impacted,” said Scott Aziz, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at AgileAI Labs, Inc. “Humans are good at analyzing things. Machines are even better. And a specially trained machine is game-changing in every way.  Spec2TestAI™, is a Defect Prevention Tool tackling the 4.3 Trillion Dollar software quality problem one project team at a time.”

Some of Spec2TestAI™ Key Features:

    • Defect Prevention Analysis: The tool’s emphasis on defect prevention automatically removes defects aligned to industry best practices, and its powerful patent pending AI engine eliminates ambiguities in user stories with one click. 
    • Project Health Dashboard:  Get Real-Time insights on the status of your project’s overall health and effortlessly make corrections as needed.
  • Comprehensive Test Case Generation:  Spec2TestAI™, using our patent-pending formula, generates appropriate and applicable test cases 96X faster than manual creation empowering teams to focus time and resources on critical tasks.
  • Industry Standardization Built-in: SDLC Best Management Practices are inherent in Spec2TestAI™ outputs.  Behavior Driven Development (BDD) feature and step files are automatically generated, saving hours. 
  • Security Frameworks: Based on OWASP top 10 standards.
  • Selenium Frameworks: Multi language support for Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby

Transparent Traceability and Audit Readiness: This transparency is invaluable during audits to showcase adherence to prescribed standards. 

Spec2TestAI™ Pricing and Availability:

The platform is available for a 7-day trial for $99.00 through the website; Early adopter pricing is available through 2023, contact

Contact us for more information at:


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