The Importance of Observability

Scott Aziz | February 21, 2024

As a software manufacturer, our goal is to help agile teams decrease delivery timelines while achieving significantly higher quality. We understand the importance of innovation using AI technologies, and now we’re bringing that same level of innovation to observability in agile projects.

Observability is not something you hear much about in the agile development industry, but it’s critical to the success of any agile project. Our platform provides observability for agile software development, unlike anything else available in the market.

We’re excited to contrast our platform with the shortcomings of tools like Jira. Jira has no capabilities to understand the true health of an agile project, and whether your agile teams are about to deliver a high quality product or a maintenance nightmare filled with tech debt.

Let’s work together to provide the observability necessary for your team to deliver high quality products with confidence.